Your route flip questions answered!

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge route flip for 2018 promises to be a brand new challenge for everyone! But with change, comes lots of questions! Here's everything you need to know.

What will the new elevation of the race be?

The lowest elevation will be 1 331m and the highest point is at 1 757m (this is at the King/Queen of the Mountains at just before the descent into Braamfontein. The total climbing, or elevation gain, is 1 480m. It was ±1 530 when the route went in the original direction.

Is it going to be easier?

Not really! The Steyn City climbs, which a lot of cyclists said they really battled within the last 10km of the race, will now be at the start of the race when legs are still fresh. You’ll have to do almost the same amount of climbing but we believe that with those climbs out of the way, in the beginning, the challenge will feel a bit more enjoyable.

Is the race going to be faster?

We believe it will be. Although the climbing isn’t that much less, you will be riding the harder parts of the course while your legs are fresh and feeling good. Then, towards the end, when you normally slow down due to understandable fatigue, you have a little respite and are able to coast along the flats and downhills to the finish at Riversands.

Do we still get to ride on the Nelson Mandela Bridge?

Yes, cyclists will once again be able to tackle the iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge.

Do we still ride through Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit?

We know how much our cyclists love riding on the race track and once again, we have made it possible. Yes, you will be riding on the smooth race track, but in the opposite direction

How will the route flip affect my seeding?

The route flip will not affect your seeding. We will still make use of your results from your 2017 ride to seed you according to your index.

Will the venue change?

No, the venue is still the same - Riversands Commercial Park, Fourwa​ys. The layout of the venue will change, so make sure you study the maps provided closer to the time, to familiarise yourself with the changes.

Will the parking be the same?

There will be secure, safe parking in and around Riversands Commercial Park. Ensure you familiarise yourself with the changes in layout in the venue. As always, there will be parking marshals at all the entrances directing traffic into the available parking areas.

Will Jan Smuts open sooner or later than previous years?

We understand that we affect tons of residents along our route. We have an Interactive Map for Joburg residents to use, where they will be rerouted around the Road Closures. Jan Smuts has previously been closed to motorists from 06h00 - 15h00 but with the change Jan Smuts will be closed for a shorter time.

How does the Route Flip affect the Mountain Bike and Kiddies Ride?

The Mountain Bike and Kiddies Ride will not be affected by the new Cycle Challenge route.

Read more about the route flip here

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