Volkswagen and Qhubeka putting the future in motion

Following the stance of the Cycle Challenge's Ride for a Purpose initiative, ‘Blue Bikes’ is an initiative of VW in partnership with the Qhubeka Bicycle Education Empowerment Programme.

With education as the foundation of their future, donating bicycles to provide transport for children in rural areas has been shown to bring the chance of a much better life. Absenteeism and abandoning school are already far less of a risk in the communities around the 20 rural schools of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal where VW have donated Blue Bikes.

Cyclists might not expect vehicle companies to see the value of bicycles, but Volkswagen South Africa is committed to making a sustainable difference by investing in struggling communities. They have already donated more than 3000 Blue Bikes to to children across South Africa to give them the priceless gift of time.

Volkswagen believes that less time traveling to school means more time to learn, more time to play, more time with family and simply, and probably most powerful, the time to just be a child.

Candice Mullins, PR Consultant - Bonfire Media

** **Among the participants in this year’s Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge there are six novice cyclists who were identified through the Volkswagen Blue Bikes programme. These school children were among the top performers at a little cycle race staged not long after bicycles were donated in Bergville during 2016.

For these youngsters to compete realistically in this much more challenging road race, Volkswagen have offered plenty of support apart from providing them with bicycles. They have also received help from a local coach, training camps, participation in other events and assistance with nutrition.

To follow their journey keep and eye on the Volkswagen SA YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

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