How bicycles are changing lives in Joburg

City of Johannesburg and Qhubeka, a charity that moves people forward with bicycles, have been working together in Soweto and Alexandra in a large-scale bicycle programme, along with several corporate and individual donors.

With a bicycle, a person can travel faster, further and carry more. Bicycles are therefore a cost-effective, healthy and environmentally friendly way of helping people to get where they need to go more easily.

In Gauteng, walking accounts for 31% of all trips made during morning peak periods, while cycling accounts for only 0,2% of trips. Yet bicycles can reduce commute times by up to 75% compared to walking, which is why CoJ has committed to increasing cycling as a commuter mode of transport.

CoJ built cycle lanes in targeted regions, and partnered with Qhubeka to supply bicycles through learn-to-earn and work-to-earn programmes.

Schoolchildren earn bicycles through the learn-to-earn programmes by committing to improving their school attendance and performance. Healthcare workers and Community Policing Forum (CPF) volunteers earn bicyclesby committing to seeing more patients or running community safety patrols.

CoJ provides funding that is matched by other Qhubeka donors and sponsors, thus doubling the number of bicycles that can be provided.

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